Urgent pipe emergency work and pipe assistance 24/7 Plumber 24 / 7

Our experienced team performs both large and small plumbing works:

  • Sewer clogging
  • Sewer pressure washing (in-house)
  • Sewer repair and replacement
  • Repair and replacement of water risers
  • Toilet pot replacement, installation and removal
  • Sink fauset replacement, repair and installation
  • Boiler replacement, repair and removal
  • Pipe leak and water accident
  • Pipe replacement
  • Stand pipe replacement
  • Heating system maintenance and repair
  • Washing machine installation
  • Underfloor heating installation and maintenance
  • Verification, installation and replacement of water meters
  • Thawing of frozen pipes
  • Radiator replacement and installation

Plumbing is our main activity!

As leaks and blockages always hit us at the most unexpected moment, our plumbers are ready to start 24/7 so that the problem can be rectified as soon as possible. Our team is highly qualified and therefore you can always be sure of us. Other works related to water, sewerage and heating system can also be performed: design, construction as well as renovation.  is always available and our technicians and plumbers are ready to solve problems.

Our phone +372 534 20 200  is always available and our technicians and plumbers are ready to solve problems. 

Construction of water, sewerage and heating systems

We offer construction of water, sewerage and heating systems for both private and apartment buildings. The service is a so-called full service. This means that we can offer design, construction and renovation. We carry out most of the work with our own team and equipment, but thanks to good partners, we can also organize the work in larger volumes.

Construction of internal and external pipelines

We offer the construction of external pipelines for apartment associations, larger companies, as well as the owners of private houses in Tallinn and abroad.

  • Design of external pipelines
  • Construction of water, domestic sewerage, storm water sewerage and drainage pipelines by closed and open method
  • Sewer installation, repair and replacement
  • Construction of water and sewerage connection points with handover to the network owner
  • Pressure drilling in water mains
  • Installation and removal of earth taps, valves, hydrants and various assemblies
  • Assembly of pump plates, septic tanks, oil and sand traps
  • Accident elimination of external pipelines
  • Construction of cable routes

In order for us to prepare a price offer for the work, please contact us by e-mail or by phone +372 534 20 200